Thursday 31 October & Friday 1 November 2019

9.30 AM to 5 PM, Cygnet Supper Room

(Please note this room is only accessible by stairs)


WIN One of Two Manuscript Assessments by David Owen

Purchase a ticket to Pitch to a Publisher or any TAF2019 Writing Masterclass or Workshop and you’re eligible to apply for one of two manuscript assessments by renowned Tasmanian writing teacher and author of the Pufferfish series, David Owen.

TAF2019 is offering six two-hour masterclasses for emerging and established writers seeking to expand their creative writing practice, knowledge or skillset, with a particular focus on the pillars of story and crime fiction.

The first four masterclasses are suitable for writers working in all genres; the final two are for those with a particular interest in crime fiction.

All masterclasses are $65, incl. GST. No discounts.

There is a concurrent Workshop Program on Thursday 31 October.

Thursday 31 October 2019

Pillars of the Profession - Developing Your Creative Writing Practice, Dr Angela Savage


You’re a writer. It’s your passion, your hobby, your obsession or your vocation. You’d like to build a creative writing practice.

What does that look like? What are your options? How do you take care of yourself and your practice in the longer term?

Join Dr Angela Savage, Director of Writers Victoria, to examine the fundamental questions you need to answer when designing your career pathway as a writer.

Pillars of Story - Character and Voice, Dr Angela Meyer


A story is rarely a success without strong characters and a compelling voice. But what is voice? How do you find it and use it to create an authentic voice for your own creative work?

Join author and publisher Dr Angela Meyer for an introduction to the concept of literary ‘voice’ – including author, narrator, and character ‘voices’ – and the ways in which these are both separate and intertwined.

Pillars of Story - Plot, Jack Heath


How do you structure a story, create compelling scenes and eke out suspense to create a riveting plot?

Join award-winning author Jack Heath in this two hour intensive class to explore the essence of developing fiction that will keep your readers turning the page late into the night.

Friday 1 November 2019

Pillars of Story - Storyworld, Dr Tansy Rayner Roberts


Every novel is set in a unique storyworld. Some are indistinguishable from the world around you, some are fantastically different. How do you create an original, cohesive storyworld and bring it to life for your readers?

Join award-winning author Dr Tansy Rayner Roberts to discover the secrets of creating vivid settings that ground your characters and captivate readers.

Pillars of Crime - Perfecting Your Crime Fiction, Dr Angela Savage


Crime fiction appeals for its compelling plots, vicarious thrills and flawed characters. Given how popular the genre is how do you create an innovative story with a captivating premise, characters and plot?

Join Dr Angela Savage, crime fiction author and Director of Writers Victoria, to explore the elements of crime fiction, the rules of the genre and ideas for either perfecting or breaking them.

Pillars of Crime - History as Inspiration, Meg Keneally


The Name of the Rose. The Cadfael series. The Amelia Peabody series. As well as being fantastic crime and mystery fiction, they have one thing in common - they are all based on moments in the past.

History presents writers with a seemingly limitless source of inspiration. As a writer how do you find the period of history that’s right for you? How do you research it? Where should fact end and fiction begin in your story?

Join celebrated author of The Monsarrat Series and Fled, Meg Keneally, to prepare for your journey into creating a riveting historical crime fiction.

TAF2019 is offering a concurrent day of Workshops on Thursday, and a concurrent one-day six-hour Pitch to a Publisher masterclass on Friday.

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.