Volunteers are the life blood of arts and cultural festivals. TAF2019 will only be possible with the assistance of a number of volunteers in a range of capacities.

As a TAF2019 Murder She Wrote volunteer you’ll have fantastic opportunities to gain new experiences, make new friends and be part of the team delivering a criminally good time for hundreds of book lovers.

Whatever your skill level or experience we have a role for you - before, during or after the festival.

From artist care to venue support, our volunteer roles offer a behind-the-scenes look at delivering an exciting new arts event in beautiful Cygnet, Tasmania. Some volunteers may housekeep for workshops, masterclasses and/or panel sessions, some may provide support to authors and panellists, some may be involved in ticketing, transport, staging panels or parties, managing crowds or the festival bookshop.

We also need a small team of slashies - performer/improv/dancers.

In return for their hours - in addition to our undying gratitude - volunteers will be eligible for various items of merchandise. For example, volunteers who complete 12 hours will receive a festival T-shirt.

Volunteer Roles

Each of the volunteer roles are detailed here (click through). Please look through them carefully before deciding which roles you might be suitable for.

You can nominate a single role, multiple roles, or opt to be available to help out on any task at certain times. Some roles may be shared, especially if they run over the course of the festival.

You’ll need to let us know where you are located, what you would like to do, how many hours you can offer and if you have any relevant experience.

Festival Management and Communications 

Are you a Marple or Poirot?

 These two world-famous detectives need no introduction!

Festival Librarians

Are you an Ariadne Oliver?

Ariadne Oliver is Poirot’s writer friend – which we think is a rather fitting match for our book herders.

Festival Production

Are you a Madeleine de Sara?

Madeleine de Sara is a consummate disguise artist in Agatha Christie’s world of Parker Pyne.

Final Festival Preparations

Are you a Parker Pyne?

Parker Pyne is another of Agatha Christie’s leading detectives – solid, comforting and dependable.

Volunteer Team Leaders

Are you a DCI James Harold Japp?

The Detective Chief Inspector from Scotland Yard, indispensable foil to Poirot, takes charge of every scene he walks into.

Festival First Aid Officers

Are you a Doctor Haydock? 

The country medic in Miss Marple’s village of St. Mary Mead treated a range of sudden illnesses.

General Festival Volunteers

Are you a Tommy or Tuppence Beresford?

We need plenty of these plucky, never-say-die adventurers who feature in their own Agatha Christie series.

Festival Chauffeurs

Are you an Antonio Foscarelli?

Antonio Foscarelli, suspect chauffeur in Murder on the Orient Express, always delivered his passengers safely.

Festival Slashies


Are you a Harley Quin?

Agatha Christie so loved the mysterious Harley Quin he was the only character she dedicated a book to.

Each of the volunteer roles are detailed here (click through).

The Fine Print

Volunteer Induction and Welcome

Information and training sessions will be held for all volunteers.

Most of this can be done online, but all volunteers will be required to attend our pre-festival induction session in Cygnet on the afternoon of 30 October 2019, followed by a welcome event for all volunteers, panellists and children’s authors.


Volunteer Uniform

All volunteers working from 31 October to 3 November will be asked to wear a uniform at all times when on shift.

The uniform consists of:

a) your own clothes, all black, whatever you already own and feel comfortable in (black only, though please), and

b) an open overshirt that will be provided, which will be a white button down shirt covered in ‘blood spatters’. This can be worn open or closed, sleeves up or down. The aim is to make you visible as a volunteer.


Volunteer Green Room

Volunteers working from 31 October to 3 November will have access to the volunteer green room before and after each shift, including food and beverages.

We want you to feel hale, hearty and well-rested between shifts!


Volunteer Checks and Insurance

All volunteers will be required to complete a Working With Vulnerable People check and may be asked to complete various first aid, health and safety and other training.

You can apply for a Tasmanian WWVP from anywhere BUT it is a long process.

Please note that the process can take 4 weeks or longer in Tasmania and 8 weeks or longer from interstate or overseas.

We strongly advise you to apply for your WWVP card as soon as you decide to volunteer.

We can select you to join our volunteer program while you are in the application phase, but you must have evidence that you have been approved to receive the card before we finalise your paperwork and you receive our insurance.

Once you apply, if you do not already have a WWVP card, we will send you the correct details on how to apply for a volunteer only card ($18.96) under our auspicing body. The card will be relevant to many other employed and volunteer positions you may apply for in future.

All volunteers will be engaged through an Auspicious Arts Project Inc. volunteer agreement to ensure they are covered by AAP’s volunteer and public liability insurance.