TAF2019 Volunteer Application Form

After looking through the Volunteer Roles, including the terms and conditions set out below the Volunteer Roles, please complete this form.

Let us know when you are available, which roles you would most like to fill and your relevant background/experience. If you don’t have a WWVP card as yet, please note under Q. 6 if you are in the process of applying for one.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to the TAF2019 team!

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Address for correspondence *
Address for correspondence
Volunteers must be over 16 years of age. Volunteers under 18 must obtain permission from their legal guardian to participate. We will contact you for permission from your legal guardian.
We intend to use colour for team communications. We will work around any colour blindness our volunteers have, but we need to know about it upfront for planning purposes. If you answer 'Yes', please specify colour blindness type in answer to Q 5.
Note: Volunteers for TAF should be in good physical health and should inform the Volunteer Coordinator if they have a medical limitation that could affect their performance.
7. Which role/s would you like to apply for? *
8. When will you volunteer? *
For example, do you have any experience volunteering, a first-aid certificate, a driver's licence etc.?