Volunteer Roles




Each of the volunteer roles are detailed below. Please look through them carefully before deciding which roles you might be suitable for.

You will be able to nominate a single role, multiple roles, or opt to be available to help out on any task at certain times. Some roles may be shared, especially if they run over the course of the festival.

You’ll need to let us know where you are located, what you would like to do, how many hours you can offer and if you have any relevant experience.

Festival Management and Communications 

Are you a Marple or Poirot?


These two world-famous detectives need no introduction!

When: Now         

How many: 4 to 6

Are you organised, and able to follow the clues? We’re looking for 4-6 good administrators to join the team and take care of specific admin and research tasks in preparation for the Festival. If you have strong organisational and/or communications and media skills we can use you right now!

Depending on the task you take responsibility for, you can work at your own time and pace – an intensive week here, an odd hour there – depending on your availability. Each task will have deadlines, so you’ll need to be able to manage your time well, and activity will ramp up as the festival approaches.

Festival Librarians

Are you an Ariadne Oliver?

Ariadne Oliver is Poirot’s writer friend – which we think is a rather fitting match for our book herders.

When: in lead up and during the festival Wed 30 Oct – 3 Nov  

How many: 6

Do you just love books? We need a range of people, preferably with bookseller or librarian experience, to volunteer in the festival book space including managing the stockroom, filling orders, serving customers, set up and pull down of signings and book events as well as significant liaison with other festival organisers and festival panellists.

These roles require a high level of responsibility, accountability, team work and a pleasant working manner. We will also need someone who can do the heavy lifting.

Some preparation can begin now. Shifts in the bookshop will be spread across 30 Oct to 3 Nov.  

Festival Production

Are you a Madeleine de Sara?

Madeleine de Sara is a consummate disguise artist in Agatha Christie’s world of Parker Pyne.

When: in lead-up and during festival Wed 30 Oct – Sun 3 Nov

How many: 4

Do you have artistic flair? We need four people with décor or event design experience to join the festival production team and let loose their creative side with venues and props.

You’ll need to attend some meetings in Cygnet in the lead up to the festival, be involved in prop production, and be available to carry out your role over the course of 30 Oct to 3 Nov.  

Final Festival Preparations

Are you a Parker Pyne?

Parker Pyne is another of Agatha Christie’s leading detectives – solid, comforting and dependable.

When: Sat 26 – Wed 30 Oct

How many: 8

Do you like to get busy in the hive? We need a team of 8 to get together on the eve of the festival to do all those practical preparatory things, like stuffing showbags, making care packages for our panellists, decorating sets and arranging merchandise and books. 

Volunteer Team Leaders

Are you a DCI James Harold Japp?

The Detective Chief Inspector from Scotland Yard, indispensable foil to Poirot, takes charge of every scene he walks into.

When: in lead-up and during festival Wed 30 Oct – Sun 3 Nov

How many: 8

Are you a team leader?

We need a range of people, preferably with event management and people management experience, for up to eight roles in the volunteer team leader space.  

Each leader will take responsibility for one major activity or venue in TAF2019.

You will manage and monitor your venue, including its schedule, volunteers, vendors, authors and ticket holders/attendees and escalate any issues in a timely manner.

Venues or activities may include the festival workshop program, festival masterclass program, parties, panel sessions, volunteer green room, panellist green room, book events or main hall.

You’ll need to attend some meetings in Cygnet in the lead up to the festival and be available to carry out your role over the course of 30 Oct to 3 Nov.

Festival First Aid Officers

Are you a Doctor Haydock? 

The country medic in Miss Marple’s village of St. Mary Mead treated a range of sudden illnesses.

When: in lead-up and during festival Wed 30 Oct – Sun 3 Nov

How many: 2

Do you hold a current First Aid Certificate?

Are you willing to apply First Aid Certificate if required?

We are looking for two of our regular volunteers to be available as First Aid officers during our events.


General Festival Volunteers

Are you a Tommy or Tuppence Beresford?

We need plenty of these plucky, never-say-die adventurers who feature in their own Agatha Christie series.

When: Wed 30 Oct – Fri 1 Nov or Sat 2 – Sun 3 Nov   

How many: 25

Can you get it done? No festival can actually run without its Tommies and Tuppences.

We need up to twenty-five seat putter-outers, sign hanger-uppers, ticket checkers, ushers, party role-players, workshop and masterclass housekeepers, traffic controllers, stage-hands, runners, floaters, bump-in and bump-outers and more. All the little jobs that make an event seem seamless from the outside.

You’ll need to be responsible, happy to help out wherever asked, have a pleasant working manner and be available on either 30 Oct to 1 Nov (pre-Murder She Wrote panel sessions/workshops, children’s events…), or 2 and 3 Nov (during Murder She Wrote panel sessions) or both.

Festival Chauffeurs

Are you an Antonio Foscarelli?

Antonio Foscarelli, suspect chauffeur in Murder on the Orient Express, always delivered his passengers safely.

When: during the festival 30 Oct – 3 Nov          

How many: 3

Do you hog the steering wheel?

We need three careful, experienced drivers to be our mini-bus drivers, running a shuttle service between Cygnet and Huonville, and possibly further afield. Patrons will no doubt tell you tall tales of the events to keep you entertained!

You’ll need a current driver’s licence (preferably a passenger licence) and be willing to drive a 12 seater bus, have a good driving record and be aged over 25.

You’ll need to be friendly with an even temperament. Drivers will be rostered for shifts over the festival. You’ll still be able to attend some festival events between shifts.

Festival Slashies

Are you a Harley Quin?

Agatha Christie so loved the mysterious Harley Quin he was the only character she dedicated a book to.

When: in lead-up and during festival Wed 30 Oct – Sun 3 Nov  

How many: 5-10

Are you ready to dance/act/perform? You’re our documentary crew!

You must be dedicated to creating good art, nimble and have an eye for detail. A penchant for choreographing short, simple routines, dancing, lip-syncing, public performance or working a camera or video editing suite would be ideal…

There will be roles to perform at a murder mystery party, a lip sync video to create and random acts of bookness to perform.

If you like the way the lip sync challenge was met by this team:


Based on this song:


And want to be part of the group capturing TAF2019 through the medium of this song:



Our weapon of choice? Books!

You’ll need to attend meetings in Cygnet in the lead up to the festival, be prepared to rehearse, do multiple pre-record sessions and be available to carry out your mission over the course of the five days, 30 Oct to 3 Nov.

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