Register for Pre-Sale Golden Tickets

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Hello and welcome to the register for TAF2019 pre-sale tickets. We're excited to see you here!

Please fill out the registration form below. In addition to holding your place in the queue, the information you provide will help us create the best festival we can.

The questions cover the events you would like to attend, if you need accommodation, if you would use a shuttle bus etc.

If you are only interested in events such as Workshops, Masterclasses, Pitch to a Publisher or the NaNoWriMo Stream, please still fill out the form by answering ‘0’ to Question 1 (How many Golden Tickets would you like?).

This will help us reach you with a link to tickets at the appropriate time.

To help determine your preferences, here are links to various aspects of the program:

Draft Festival Program

Ticket Information

TAF2019 7-day Writer or Reader Residency

Trail of Writers’ Tears

Be a TAF2019 Volunteer

Masterclass Program

Workshop Program

Pitch to a Publisher

NaNoWriMo Stream

Be an Author in the Hall of Writers

After the register closes we will send you an email when you are nearing the front of the queue.

You will then receive an email with a link to tickets. This link will remain active for 24 hours, unless you contact us to advise you are experiencing technical difficulties.

Thank you again for your interest in attending TAF2109 - Murder She Wrote.

We look forward to seeing you in Cygnet later this year!


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