Saturday 2 November 2019

Carmel Hall, Cygnet

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 Tickets are now available.

Tables seat 8 people.

You may book for any number of people from 1 to 8 at a time.

Gather at the feet of the Sphinx to unwrap an ancient mummy…and find the murderer in your midst.


The year is 1924. As dusk falls, you wander past the Great Pyramid of Giza, the cooling air whispering across your skin, crisp sand crunching beneath your feet.

You enter a recently excavated temple that lies at the base of the Sphinx. It is here that you expect to meet your host for the evening, the renowned archaeologist, Professor Tilmuch.

Lamps and candles fill the room, causing light and shadows to dance across the gauzy material walls. Professor Tilmuch has invited you to a mummy un-wrapping party. They’re the latest craze among Cairo society’s elite.

On stage, the sarcophagus, within which lies the linen-swathed remains of Queen Nitocris, last Pharaoh of the Sixth Dynasty.

In front of you, seated around a table of glittering glassware and gleaming silver platters, are your dining companions.

Taking a deep breath, you join them…

Tickets are now available.

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Where: Carmel Hall, Cygnet

When: 6.30pm for 7.00pm, Saturday 2 November 2019

Attire: 1920s-inspired, be it suitable for the ballroom, a flapper dance or an archaeological site.

A ticket includes the game and a buffet dinner. Tables seat 8 people. $88, incl. GST.


Become your character, join your table, and play through three rounds of clues and questions to uncover a murderer. In each round there will be information you must impart, clues you need to uncover and secrets you wish to keep.

How cleverly can you play the game?


Be the first person in the room to correctly identify the murderer to the Cryptkeeper.


Dr L.J.M.Owen, archaeologist and author of Egyptian Enigma, Dr Pimms No. 3.

Tickets are now available.



Upon entering the Hall you will be assigned one of eight characters on a random basis. The only way to choose a character will be to book as a group of eight people.

All characters are designed as gender-neutral – make them your own.

Dean Aldhahab, passionately cerebral head of Cairo University, an ex-colleague of Professor Tilmuch

Chancellor Blass, haughty member of Austrian royalty, passing through Cairo on a grand tour

General Iron, abrasive ex-member of the English military, has become a prominent figure in Cairo colonial circles

Orvos Lila, pedantic Hungarian high society doctor, medico to Professor Tilmuch’s team

Doctor Obsidian, rival Italian archaeologist, of a soothing disposition

The Honorable Uaine, serene Irish Justice, on sabbatical in warmer climes

Capitaine Vermeil, a secretive ex-member of the French navy turned archaeologist

Air Commander Woad, combative ex-member of the Scottish airforce, now works for Professor Tilmuch

Tickets are now available.