Please complete this form and email images of the front covers of your books to

Attn: Mandi to enquiries@terroraustralisfestival.com

by midnight Thursday 20 June 2019 to be considered for inclusion in the Hall of Writers.

If you are selected, in Stage Two we will ask you to:

- supply additional information and images,

- agree to the Hall’s terms and conditions, including undertaking to share and promote information on the Hall with your social media and other followers, and

- pay a fee of $45 + GST per stall ($49.50 in total).

Please note that if you are part of a proposed group of two or three authors sharing a stall (which we encourage) you are asked to submit individual applications below.

We will pool the information from your group when considering applications.

If successful, you will only be required to pay one fee of $49.50 for your group.

Please refer to the Hall of Writers FAQ for further information.

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Address for correspondence
How many books will you be selling? For each book tell us the: • Genre • Subgenre • Title • Date published • Publisher • 100 words or less blurb