Crime Fiction Lovers With a mix of Murder She Wrote-themed panel sessions, book celebrations and intimate author events on the Saturday and Sunday of the festival, the program will offer crime fiction lovers the chance to hear from and chat with some of Australia’s best and brightest crime fiction authors.

Readers Reading is for everyone! In addition to the ticketed program, the festival also offers a four day program of free community events including a children’s program, book parties, an enormous book and author room - the Hall of Writers on the Friday - book launches and book signings.

While the panel sessions at Murder She Wrote are crime fiction themed, more than half the stallholders in the Hall of Writers may be working in other genres including historical, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, non-fiction, children’s, YA and poetry.

Writers There’s something for writers at every career stage, from introductory writing workshops through to masterclasses on how to hone a manuscript, edit and pitch it to a publisher – including the opportunity to pitch to publishers for real industry feedback.

Bookworms Unite We hope that our festival goers - be they readers, writers, publishers, agents, book clubs, writing groups, booksellers, librarians or literacy workers - find other like-minded people who share their love of literacy.

Our projected numbers include around 200 visitors from out of area and round 800 residents from the Huon Valley and nearby to partake of at least one event over the course of the festival.


We expect to announce the full program of Murder She Wrote ticketed events, panel sessions, workshops, masterclasses and foodie events in May/June.

We originally intended to make the announcement in February, but our timetable has shifted post-bushfires.


Cygnet is located in the Huon Valley in Tasmania, approximately 55 km (about 50 minutes drive) south of Hobart - the capital of Tasmania.

Some elements of the festival will be held in other locations across the valley.


The TAF2019 festival runs from Thursday 31 October 2019 to Sunday 3 November 2019.

The festival bookshop will be open from the Thursday to the Sunday, with a bookshop program from Friday to Sunday

Tentatively, workshops and masterclasses are scheduled over the Thursday and Friday, as are the children’s program, Halloween Party, Hall of Writers and Noir at the Bar.

The Murder She Wrote panel sessions and murder mystery party will be held over the Saturday and Sunday.

Après-fest, the Trail of Writer’s Tears - two days of local food and wine events and cooking and craft classes - will be held on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 November.


One day we thought…a quirky little readers and writers festival, exploring the nuances of one genre at a time, offering costumed parties, serious discussions, a chance for people working in a multitude of fields to meet, with sumptuous food all set in a little piece of heaven… It’s a crazy idea, but it just might work!

Inspiring the Love of Reading

We’re hoping to inspire the love of reading as part of our free community program.

When someone falls in love with a book for the first time, reading suddenly becomes something they want to do, rather than something they have to do.

A cultural shift of this kind may take time, but we’re in it for the long haul.

Recovering from the Bushfires

Originally, our festival concept included a two day après-fest of glorious Huon Valley food and wine because, well, why wouldn’t it?

The idea was to offer a range of bespoke events for our festival goers to explore the best produce and producers the Huon Valley has to offer. Monday the 4th is a public holiday in northern Tasmania, as is Tuesday 5th in Victoria, so we thought it was an ideal time to promote our stunning valley.

Now, after the January 2019 bushfires cut the local tourist season in half, we’re hoping our six day program will encourage the local tourist season to kick off a touch earlier than usual and contribute to our local economy’s recovery.


Registering for pre-sale Golden Ticket weekend passes will be available only to subscribers of the #TAF2019 Updates list.

Pre-sale tickets will be made available on a rolling 24 hour basis in June.

Earlybird tickets will go on sale in June/July. Other tiers of ticketing will be available in August and October.

Free Program?

TAF2019 is for everyone!

Alongside the ticketed stream of events, we offer a children’s writing competition, youth writer residences and a four day program of free community events including a children’s program, book parties, an enormous book and author room, book launches and book signings.

What is suitable for children?

On the Thursday of the program we will offer free children’s events in three locations across the Huon Valley, as well as a free-entry Halloween Party for kids and adults alike on the Thursday night.

Children of all ages are very welcome to the free-entry Hall of Writers on the Friday. There will even be a special Alley of Children’s Books where children and adults can chat to the authors of a wide range of children’s books.

Group excursions to the Hall are strongly encouraged. We ask that parents and teachers of groups contact us ahead of time to help us plan for their visit.

Please note that out of respect for presenters and other paying attendees, we ask that you make alternative care arrangements for babies and children if/when you attend any workshops, masterclasses or panel sessions. If you do arrive with a small person, you may be asked to wait outside until their alternative carer arrives.

How will you afford the Free Program?

TAF2019 has been accepted into the Creative Partnerships Australia (CPA) MATCH Lab program.

Every dollar raised through fundraising and sponsorship will be matched with another dollar from MATCH Lab.

Tax deductible donations for the festival made to our Inspire the Love of Reading campaign will be matched, meaning $1 donated = $2 raised to support our free community program.

TAF2019 will also hold a series of fundraising events in the first half of 2019.


We will provide festival goers with a list of preferred accommodation providers before tickets go on sale.

These providers have agreed to offer a 20% discount off their usual full rate to our ticket buyers.

There’s still time to join this list, if other accommodation providers are interested.

We’ll offer a shuttle bus between Cygnet and Huonville, making it easy for you to get here.

The schedule and how to book will be made available well ahead of tickets going on sale.



Volunteers are the life blood of arts and cultural festivals. TAF2019 will only be possible with the assistance of a number of volunteers in a range of capacities.

Right now, we need two or three additional volunteers with exceptional organisational skills and experience and time on their hands. We’re racing to catch up after the recent bushfires, so need people who can hit the ground running who need very little direction to deliver in a literary festival space. These volunteers can work remotely.

Our team photographer is out of action for the time being. A professional photographer with an eye for photographing shy people, books and events who was willing to volunteer over March/April in Hobart and the Huon Valley would be a godsend. We would of course look at cross promoting you through the course of the festival.

In March/April we will put the call out for general volunteers to fill a range of roles before, during and after the festival.

Information sessions will be held ahead of call outs. In return for their hours, volunteers will be eligible for various items of merchandise. Some volunteers may housekeep for workshops, masterclasses and/or panel sessions, some may provide support to authors and panellists, some may be involved in ticketing, staging parties or the festival bookshop.

If you contact us ahead of a formal volunteer call-out, please let us know where you are located, what you would like to do, how many hours a week you can offer and if you have any relevant experience.

TAF2019 would like to connect with potential partners or supporters. A package will be available shortly outlining opportunities and what TAF2019 offers in return.

We’ll be looking for the right organisations or individuals to partner with as our:

  • Festival Presenting Partner

  • Festival Production Partners

  • Festival Delegate Bag Partner

  • Festival Printed Program Partner

  • Festival Signage Partner

  • Festival Photo Booth Partner

  • Hall of Writers Partners

  • Children’s Program Partner

  • Youth Writer Residency Program Partner

  • Workshops and Masterclasses Partner

  • Adult Writer Residency Program Partners

  • Murder She Wrote Panellist Green Room Partner

  • Murder She Wrote Panel Session Morning Tea or Afternoon Tea Partners

  • Murder She Wrote Panel Session Partners

  • Volunteer Program Partner  

  • Terror Australis Youth Writer Prizes Partner (Body in the Library themed competition)

  • Terror Australis Children’s Writer Prizes Partner (Female bushranger themed competition)

  • Terror Australis Art Competition Prizes Partner (Female bushranger themed competition)

  • Community Halloween Party Partner (includes children’s book costume parade and announcement of winners of Children’s Writing Competition)

  • Noir at the Bar Partner (1920s speakeasy themed evening of spoken work, readers and writers mixer)

  • Murder Mystery Party Partner (1920s Egyptian archaeological site murder mystery soiree)

If you would like to offer specific support, to propose a partnership or are a corporation who would like to make a tax deductible donation to help inspire the love of reading in regional Tasmania, please contact us.

Supporters / Partners?

Hall of Writers?

The Hall of Writers will fill the Cygnet Town Hall with a bookroom of authors and publishers - including an Alley of Children’s Books - open to schools and the public to visit, chat to the authors and purchase any books they fall in love with.

The Hall will welcome a wide range of authors and publishers, including fiction, non-fiction, children’s, YA and poetry.

While the panel sessions at Murder She Wrote are crime fiction themed, more than half the stallholders in the Hall may be working in other genres. In addition to all forms of crime and mystery we’d love to see historical, sci-fi, fantasy, romance or even steampunk stalls. If you’ve been to GenreCon or a bookfair traderoom, you’ve got the idea!

We’d also like to see a mix of established authors who will offer support and encouragement to newly published authors, and brand new authors who are ready to take their first steps to interacting directly with potential new readers.

Authors and publishers in the Hall of Writers will be listed in the festival’s Printed Program, with a brief bio and photo.

Each stall will be suitable for either one publisher or up to three authors who organise among themselves to share a stall.

Stallholders will be responsible for all aspects of set up, signage, stock, selling, and promoting the Hall event ahead of the festival.

Tables and chairs will be provided for you.

Stallholders who arrive late to set up on the day may have their spot given to a waitlisted author/s.

Please ensure you are familiar with our Inclusivity and Safety policies.


An open call out will be made around March/April for authors and publishers wishing to join the Hall.

Applications will be considered against several criteria. Evidence of a quality product that is ready to be sold, the ability to set-up and run a stall professionally, and the ability to promote an event to the author’s/publisher’s existing network will be factors.

Evidence of support for or active cross promotion of others will be looked upon kindly.

In addition to an open category, there will be sections in the Hall reserved for:

- Australian crime fiction authors (including Tasmanian crime and mystery fiction and TasNoir authors) and Australian publishers of any genre,

- Huon Valley authors, including children’s authors, and

- Huon Valley food, wine and spirit authors.

Please note that the definition of Huon Valley may be interpreted quite broadly, and authors from the Far South, Channel and Bruny Island areas will be encouraged to apply, as well as authors with a connection to the Huon Valley and surrounds.

Please note that we have already had more inquiries to join the Hall of Writers than we will be able to accommodate.

We will contact everyone who has enquired to ensure they have the opportunity to apply and we will ensure the selection criteria are clear and the selection process is fair.


TAF2019 is auspiced by Auspicious Arts Projects Inc.

They provide oversight to all budgetary and workforce aspects of the project, handle all funds and provide $20m public liability insurance.

Inclusivity and Safety

We hope you have a fantastic time at TAF2019, and discover new or exciting elements in the worlds of reading, writing and books.

We thank everyone in advance for helping us to maintain a safe environment by behaving with respect and kindness throughout the festival.

It's important that all participants have an equal opportunity to enjoy TAF2019.

Please note the following.

- TAF2019 is an LGBTQI+ safe space.

- TAF2019 is a convivencia, or co-existence space. Adherents of all religions are welcome; no proselytising.

- People of every ethnic and genetic background or identity are welcome.

We know that you know where the boundaries are for respectful interactions with other people.

Cross those boundaries and you'll be asked to leave.

Inappropriate sexual behaviour, in particular, will not be tolerated.

No exceptions.

Child safety policy

Under TAF2019's governance arrangements, we must make all efforts to ensure the festival is a safe space for children and young people.

To that end, all festival staff, volunteers, vendors, panellists and authors must have a valid Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) card. If needed, please contact us to help you apply for one.

Accessibility policy

The TAF2019 committee will release an accessibility policy ahead of Earlybird tickets going on sale.

This will cover building access, disability parking, reserved wheelchair seating, Companion Card ticket buyers, and more.

Please note that of the currently 9 locations involved in the festival, one does not have wheelchair access (this is not a main venue). We will ensure clarity around this situation, and if it will be remedied before the festival takes place, before Earlybird tickets go on sale.